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DataVault Offsite Computer Backup Fast Metro Area Networks Hosted VoIP PBXes
Local, Cloud and Remote Computer Data Backup. DataVaultRBS We have a solution for you.
Use our MAN (Metro Area Networks) for fast connections between your locations.
Now offering VoIP Telephone Service (Voice over Internet Protocol) a great savings for our customers.

Metro FastNet   Connecting You

Locally owned and operated Internet Service Provider, Metro FastNet, LLC., takes a personal approach to customer care for your voice and data connections.

Metro FastNet uses the latest technology to provide Kentuckiana:

  •    Business & Residential Broadband Internet Service
  •    VoIP - Hosted PBX and Telephone services
  •    Fax to Machine, and Fax to Email service
  •    DataVaultRBS Backup - Local, Cloud & Remote Data Backup
  •    Wireless Networking Services - Wi-Fi in building or outside networks
  •    Redundant Internet Connection - with a Truly Diverse Path
  •    Secure Point to Point private data circuits
  •    Metro Area Networks - Connecting all your locations
  •    Wi-Fi Hotspots - Public or Private, managed for you
  •    Co-Location of your equipment in a centralized Data Center
  •    Managed Firewall and Router Services

We specialize in delivering wireless connections. By going over the air; we limit our infrastructure investment and that lowers your data costs, with no additional local loop charges. This makes us an excellent value to our customers.

Unlike standard wired or fiber circuit installs that can take more than 30 days, Metro FastNet can have your connection up and running in as little as 1 day.

Ask us for the data connection you need. We take a different approach, as we all know one size does not fit all. Using our dynamic bandwidth allocation service, we can set data rates to be what you need, and modify it as quickly as your needs change. We are not selling you internet service from a list of canned packages or our monthly special.

We service where we live. We currently have broadband data service to most of Jefferson County, Kentucky along with Clark and Floyd counties in Indiana. Our customers use the VoIP, Fax and Backup services across the USA.

Contact us to find out why small businesses, large companies, and public utilities have come to rely on us as the Internet Service Provider to keep their business connected.

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