Metro FastNet  Connecting You  Overview 

Business Hosted PBX Voice Features

  •    Interactive Voice Response ( IVR ) Automation with intelegent programing to handle more calls - 24 hours a day

  •    Remote Office - Utilize your phone number and your customized profile of features from anywhere you work

  •    Unlimited inbound, local and long distance calling

  •    Local and 800 number porting - Keep your existing telephone numbers

  •    PC or Smartphone Softphone - Have a software based phone on your PC or Mac or Smartphone for use when you are on the move, and over any quality Internet connection.

  •    Hunt Groups - have your customer calls reach a live person

  •    Shared Call Appearance - View and manage another employee's line from your phone

  •   HD Voice - Provides deeper clarity and a better audio experience. Included in our state-of-the-art handsets.

  •    Voicemail to Email Integration - Easily access your voicemail messages from your email inbox

  •    "Follow Me" - Mobility feature that allows your extension calls to ring at different phone numbers, finding you wherever you go

  •    Music on Hold - Make hold times feel shorter

  •    Enhanced Caller ID, E911, Virtual Extensions, Outbound call limits, and the list goes on...
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